Lift up/Aging care/ Whitening/Supple and glossiness/

Immediately active and long lasting

High Concentration Facial Skin care Beauty Cream

Laboum is new type high concentration beauty cream which not only focused on the surface of skin,
but also muscle of the face!

Question and Answer about

Why does Laboum Beauty Cream act immediately?


Laboum Beauty Cream effectively stimulates loose face muscles that cause
wrinkles, sagging, and puffiness. Tourmaline with weak electrical current can
improve the blood circulation and results in toning up your face muscles.
Balanced mixture of other active ingredients accelerates the power of Tourmaline.

When should I use?


After toning lotion, massages with Laboum Beauty Cream to be the most effective.
As it moisturizes your skin, it can be used as night cream and makeup base.
You can also reapply it over your makeup during the daytime.

How much should I use for one application?


Pump 3 to 4 times for one application. Used once daily, a bottle of Laboum Beauty Cream will last for about a month.


How long does the firming effect last?


You can feel the immediate effect right after the application, and it will be the maximum
in 2 hours. With the improved blood circulation, the firming effect will last for about 8 hours.

Who can use it?


Laboum Beauty Cream is delicately formulated to work well on all skin types.
It is non-greasy, gentle cream and can be best for eye areas.

Does Laboum Beauty Cream contain any medicaments for cosmetic surgery that cause side effects?


No. Laboum Beauty Cream does not contain any medicaments that cause side effects.
It satisfies the strict cosmetic safety standards in Japan.

What is EMS?


It stands for ‘Electrical Muscle Stimulation’. We call Laboum Beauty Cream ‘EMS cream’ because
contained Tourmaline generates weak electric current and persistently stimulates underlying face muscles.

Can I use it for the body?


Yes. Laboum Beauty Cream works on not only your face but also your body. You can get firm arms, décolleté parts, fingers, and legs by massaging with Laboum Beauty Cream.


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Lift up/Aging care/ Whitening/Supple and glossiness/

Immediately active and long lasting

High Concentration Facial Skin care Beauty Cream

How to use

Apply Laboum beauty cream after washing face in morning and night. You can add Laboum with your usual skin care, or you can use only Loboum without any lotion or moisturizer.

For more effects

When you use the first, use a much amount of Laboum a than usually
(3~4push).Use your index, middle and ring fingers to ensure light pressure. Slow but steady, repeat 2-5 times.

Contains a lot of selected natural skin benefit agent!

Apple stem cell extract

It has anti-aging nutrients that collected from a particular brand of apple—Uttwiler spatlauber– stays for a whole 4 month.


Polyphenol of the best quality brings tone of skin brighter.


Controls the growth of melanin.


Negative ions and weak current activates the cell and acts upon the muscle level.


For reinforcing the skin barrier and to moisturize and whiten the skin.


Only the scent effective for diet.


It making attractive good mood,smoothing communication with others by natural ingredient.

※Please do not use if you have scar, rash, or other skin problems.